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It Pays to Have a Professional Dog Show Handler on Your Team

Make your dog show-ready with the help of Brian Tuel's Dog Training At Your Door in Crystal River, Florida. To prepare your pet for dog shows, we offer pet grooming, handling, and training services. Read the list below for our current rates.

• Priority Day Rate - $650 per Day including travel days.
Bonuses apply (see below)
Day rate may be split with clients.
• Clients pay all expenses related to traveling to a show.
• Madison Square Garden™ and Invitationals are quoted separately.



Boarding and Conditioning - $30 per day • Travel to, During, and from Shows

Points, Best of Breed, Group, and Best in Show Bonuses:
Per AKC Point - $75 (Regular) • Grand CH per Point - $10 (Regular)

• Per Best of Breed - $100 (Regular)

• Group One Win - $250 (Regular) / $100 (Puppy) • Group 2nd, 3rd, 4th Placement - $150 (Regular) / $50 (Puppy)

• Best in Show or Specialty B.O.B. $1000 (Regular) / $200 (Puppy), Reserve Best In Show $500

Show Preparatory Grooming:
• Show Grooming Prior to the Show or on the Day of the Show - $35 per 20 Minutes
• Trip Charge - Additional $125 per Hour

20 Minutes Session While Boarding - $35 • 30 Minutes with the Owner - $75

Terms and Conditions

At Brian Tuel's Dog Training At Your Door, we always make sure that we are on the same page with our clients. Please take the time to read our terms and conditions below.

• The handler earns all cash winnings.
• Clients pay all expenses related to traveling to a show.
• Madison Square Garden™ and Invitationals are quoted separately.
• Payments of fees are assessed based on entering the show and not on handling.
• If there are no points, competition, or majors available, dog can be absent without fees assessed.
• Payment is due upon the completion of the show.
• Only cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted (we do not carry accounts).
• Charges for handling will be incurred once the entry is made.
• Planning shows and the expenses related to traveling require your commitment after the entry date.

• When traveling and staying overnight, dogs stay and are monitored in our vehicle.
• A fee of $25 (per night) is added to the boarding fee if you require your dog to be taken into a hotel or motel room.

• Best of Breed clients are the first priority in the schedule; the Major Opportunity classes come after.
• We make every effort to accommodate requests for a specific handler but in case there is a conflict with the trainer's schedule, we will provide you with another capable professional with the same rate as ours.