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"We were having problems with our 9 month old Irish Red & White Setter and Brian really saved our sanity. Our Doogan was impossible on lead (think sled dog), he was jumping, mouthing and counter-surfing all day. Brian's Basic Adult/Puppy package is great because he works with the dog AND the owners in your home, he leaves worksheets and homework so that we can remain consistent with our commands and body language. His "Unlimited Consultation" is just that--he spends a lot time listening to concerns and every question is answered, including advice on nutrition and grooming. We have completed his home visits, continue to practice daily and Doogan is becoming a great family member, he pays attention to our commands and it's fun to take him on walks. Also, Doogan loved him!!"

— Stephanie and Don Gessner, Black Diamond Ranch, Lecanto, FL
December 27, 2019

"Brian, It has been my pleasure to watch you train Laya. You have really taught me a lot as well as her. John even got into helping with her training. That made me very happy. I want to thank you for all your help, and I will happily brag on how you helped us out.  I do need to discuss with kids about when they want to celebrate our Christmas together. As soon as I get something somewhat set, I will let you know. It may be even before normal Christmas time. Thanks again for all your great help. Happy Fishing!"

— Nancy Clements, Pine Ridge, FL
March 26, 2019

"Good morning, I had to tell you that I had a wonderful morning with Zeke (Pharaoh Hound). We did some heel, sit, stay, off, this morning on leash and new collar. All while I was preparing all dogs food dishes then out walking along perimeter in back yard. Zeke (5 months old) is now sleeping below me and I am finally enjoying a cup of coffee at peace and not having to stand up. He is on leash and very controllable, very behaving. Finally no bitting! He has been very, very good! Just thought I'd let you know. Thank you for your help. I'm glad you enjoyed working with Zeke hopefully he will become a great Pharaoh Hound. He has potential."

— Annette Hart, Homosassa, FL 
March 6, 2019

"Brian has been a tremendous help with training our Florida Cracker Cur. She is a 60 lb. 1 year old dog. We were having difficulty getting her to come, heel, etc. I prayed everyday for wisdom in teaching our dog, Abby. I believe that Brian was an answer to my prayer. He came highly recommended from my mother & also from some sweet neighbors that had him help them with their dogs. Abby is our baby. It was important for us to raise her correctly, because she is a part of our family & much loved. She has made a lot of progress on heel, stay, come, & more. After the first lesson, Abby was much improved. Brain helped me to understand how to communicate with her. Every day we are seeing more progress as we go through the structured lessons he gave us. I was hesitant to get the collar, but it is a great help in reinforcing the commands. My biggest regret with my dog is not hiring him sooner; it would have saved us so much grief!"

— Candace Hope, Pine Ridge, FL
May 16, 2018

"Brian Tuel is an awesome and dedicated dog trainer and handler. He has taken a six-month old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, my dog 'Bogie,' from a 'wild child' to the #1 Wheaten in the country! Check out Brian and Bogie and their continuing adventures over the next few months."

— Linda Robison, Pompano Beach, FL
April 15, 2018

"Just wanted to thank you, Brian!!!!!!!!!!!
We had a chaotic house, with an unrestrained, whirlwind of a 5 month old Doberman puppy and since your first lesson we now have a home again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She no longer jumps on our 3 year old Doberman; no longer barks in her kennel every night; in fact she loves her kennel now!; she sits, stays, and takes the down command EVERY SINGLE TIME!
We've had 3 trainers for our 4 year old Jake. After all the time and money we spent, he only knows how to sit, down, and shake hands!
Brian, you're the most professional, and understandable trainer we've EVER had the pleasure to meet. EVERYONE should be using your services no matter what kind of dog they own. Not only are WE happy and sane, but both our dogs are happier and play well together!
We can't thank you enough. We couldn't recommend anyone more highly. You're the greatest! Thank you so much."

— Warren and Barbara Schebler
"Jake and Anya"
Sugarmill Woods, Homosassa, FL
March 8, 2018

"My dog Bordeaux is so happy since we had the fence installed. He has about an acre to run around and play. I was so impressed with how quickly he learned his boundaries. He's an eleven pound active papillon who is loving his new freedom. I would highly recommend Brian's services. He was able to install the fence in less than a day and walked us through every step of training Bordeaux."

— David Bramblett, Crystal River, FL
February 22, 2018

"We have 2 young golden retriever pups that needed complete training.they wouldn't listen at all. Brian came over and in a hour we had different dogs after the first visit. He is highly recommended and we look forward to our next training session. Thanks again Brian for the help."

— Dave & Karen Meghreblian, Homosassa, FL
February 22, 2018

"We have a very enthusiastic 15 month old Beauceron. With Brian's oversight we have been able to harness Ranger's energy without compromising his spirit and we are well on our way to attaining our training goals. Thanks Brian!!!"

— Tony Alexander, Hernando, FL
January 20, 2018

"Every time we opened a gate our dog would shoot out. We spent hours either chasing him or trying to find him. Now that the SDF-CT system is in, he won't come within 25 feet of the gate. It's wonderful. Training time was short, in 3 days he was 100% Because system has a remote he has been very easy to train for other commands. I'm particularly pleased at how well he has responded to command to 'leave it' around our chickens and duck. The receiver is fairly large and weighs about six ounces but our dog is large and he stands very still when it's put on in the morning and doesn't show any discomfort during the day while it's on. We had been thinking of getting a second dog but we were extremely worried about keeping two dogs contained. Because the system will accommodate two receivers we know we can keep two large dogs safe at home. I highly recommend the system."

— Patricia Mollica, Citrus Springs, FL
January 10, 2018

"We adopted a 7 month old lab mix who was sweet but wild and out of control. She was a runner and almost impossible to catch. Brian was referred to us by a neighbor (who had the best, most well behaved dog.) A session with Brian and we have seen a 180 degree turn. We now have a sweet dog who listens, comes when called and heels! Honestly I am amazed. Brian was so helpful and accommodating when she ran away an hour before her session with him. The e collar, command and praise instruction works! I highly recommend him!"

— Susan Frawley, Homosassa, FL
January 4, 2018

"My Grand dog, Duke, a Golden Doodle , stays a lot with us. He is 5 and was not used to walking on a leash or coming when called. He was also aggressive when encountering big dogs on our walks. We hired Brian to help us with Duke! He advised us to use the training collar with the 3 visit training. Duke now comes when called and can walk off leash! He knows his commands, sit, come, stay, off and leave it! The training collar is very helpful. All that is needed is a beep if he gets off track! We thank Brian for his excellent training!"

— Becky Tabacchi, Crystal River, FL
December 24, 2017

"I am new to the AKC show world. I met Brian at a show and noticed how he handled his dogs. I asked for a lesson. Brian was generous with his time and information. The session I had with him was so helpful to me and my dog. We would not have improved without his help.
Thank you Brian!"

— Judy Bain, Madison, MS
April 22, 2017

"Awesome Customer Service. I paid online and then realized that my husband and I did not really have the time to commit to it and he refunded me right away with no problem. He had great communication with me and attempted several times to arrange times that were good for me. He was very professional."

— Kelly H, Dunnellon, FL
November 17, 2016

"Brian, Thank you so much for coming and training our Chihuahua. You did a wonderful job! Rosa Lee was very stubborn, but after you put our PetSafe electronic fence up she listens our to our commands. Rosa Lee is able to run free on our property. You also trained her to walk on the leash, without any problems, Which she didn't do before... We highly recommend Brian."

— Arlene Cox Pine Ridge, FL
November 9, 2016

"I have a Polish Lowland Sheepdog named Brie. This breed is very smart but likes to rule the roost and can be very stubborn. She was out of control. I tried all methods of training before the remote collar, without success. Brian was extremely helpful in giving me the knowledge and tools to work with her and within a couple months I can walk her off leash with little or no commands. She will sit and stay at the end of the driveway and wait for me to get the newspapers or mail, then walk back to the house with me. She has turned into a very behaved young lady. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

— Barb Adams Pine Ridge, FL
August 26, 2016

"At Brian Tuel's Dog Training At Your Door in Crystal River, Florida, we are committed to delighting our clients with our pet training services. Here are what some of them have to say about us:

Brian Tuel really knows how to work not only with your dog, but helps the owner. I was struggling with how to train my standard poodle, Max. After working with Brian, Max is more disciplined and I know how to get Max to comply with my commands."

— Trish D., Citrus Hills, Florda
August 8, 2016

" I am grateful to have found Brian. He has helped Phin to reintegrate previously learned commands and has helped me to understand what I need to do in order to make this adoption a successful one! We still have a (ways) to go, however, I am confident that with Brian's training, it will be! Thank you!"

— Eileen G.
Come when called 3 visit package
July 6, 2016

"Even though Brian did not install our electric fence, he was quick to respond when we needed service for it. We will definitely call on him whenever we need additional service or any other service relating to the fence or dog training. Thank you, Brian."

— Roger & Doris Ricard
June 2016

"Before Brian trained our Lab, Tyler II, he was totally unmanageable outside at 89 lbs. He was strong as a horse and could easily knock us down if we weren't totally alert when walking him. If he got outside, he took off at warp speed. After training with the electronic collar, he goes out and can play in our yard, chase his ball, and obeys verbal commands. He gets much more exercise now and is a pleasure to take walking. We don't even use his collar now."

— Rodney and Rose B., Homosassa, Florida
July 19, 2005

"Brian Tuel provided professional, efficient, and gentle understanding for our dog Cheyenne. This training encompassed the use of an Innotek™ in-ground fence and corresponding remote training collar (IUC5100) in order to prevent Cheyenne from running out of our yard. Throughout the weekly series of visits, we and Cheyenne quickly learned the use of appropriate commands. Our goal was accomplished. Cheyenne learned quickly and taught us that she could stay, sit, and finally stay in the yard with a voice command.

— Roberta G., Hernando, Florida
January 26, 2005